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Charging as a Service Solution

Hospitals will benefit from having electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Not only will they help reduce carbon emissions, but they also offer convenience for patients and staff. Having EV chargers at your hospital gives people the opportunity to charge their vehicles while they are visiting the hospital or taking care of an ailing loved one. This means that patients and staff no longer have to worry about running out of power and having to find another charging station. In addition, the availability of EV charging stations can encourage hospital visitors to opt for electric vehicles, which in turn helps reduce the hospital’s overall carbon emissions. With the Sun Charge no investment required model installing EV chargers in hospitals is an easy, efficient way to help promote sustainability and provide a better experience for both patients and staff.

As with all Sun Charge installations there is no upfront cost or ongoing expense to our installations. We handle all maintenance, electrical costs, and general operations and we provide a new revenue stream for your facility.

Contact a Sun Charge representative when your ready to learn more about what Sun Charge can do for your hospital.

A complete Charging as a Service model:

Our Charging as a Service model helps owners and property management get up and running quickly with no investment required.

Sun Charge covers all installation and operating costs for your Level 2 EV Charger network.

As part of our investment we provides support for the EV drivers, station monitoring, and on-site maintenance as needed.

Residents and Guests pay for charging:

All of our installations have individually metered electricity billed directly to Sun Charge.

Resident and Guest EV drivers will pay for charging based on a per kWh or per minute rate, depending on your state laws, using one of several commonly available charging apps.

Electricity and access rates will be set by Sun Charge.

Defined Revenue Sharing:

Our commitment to providing EV charging to multifamily properties goes beyond our investment in the infrastructure and operations, we want everyone, including non-EV drivers, to benefit from a Sun Charge installation.

That’s why we share the revenues generated from the charging activity with our property partners. Our Defined Revenue Sharing (DRS) plan starts on day one and continues for the life of the agreement.

**Please contact a Sun Charge representative for more details on our DRS plan.**

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